What Do Women Really Want in a Man? Here are the Top 5 Things Our Female Team Said:

What Do Women Really Want in a Man? Here are the Top 5 Things Our Female Team Said:

There's no shortage of lists that describe the perfect man but which of these do we really trust to tell us what’s in a woman's head…? So, we went straight to the source to get truthful answer’s on what makes/keeps women interested in a man by polling the women of Naked Revival – and here’s what they said:

1. He’s A “Real Man”

Topping the list of qualities, we discovered that a "real man" captures their attention. But what does this mean? To the women of Naked Revival, it signifies a man who exudes authenticity, strength, and integrity. He embraces his vulnerabilities while displaying confidence and determination. A "real man" is not confined to societal expectations, but instead, he is true to himself, unafraid to stand up for what he believes in. In the intricate dance of attraction, these qualities serve as a powerful magnet, drawing women toward a man who embodies the essence of authenticity.

2. He’s Romantic & Chiviroulos

According to our team… chivalry is NOT dead. Women are still looking for a man who understands the power of romance and embraces it wholeheartedly. He knows that gestures of love and affection go a long way in nurturing a deep connection with his partner. Whether it's surprising her with heartfelt gestures, planning thoughtful dates, or expressing his love through words, he consistently keeps the flame of romance alive. Additionally, he embodies the spirit of chivalry, treating his partner with respect, courtesy, and attentiveness. Opening doors, pulling out chairs, and being attentive to her needs are just a few ways he demonstrates his commitment to being a true gentleman - and they love it.

3. He’s a Grounded Presence

One of the qualities that set a man apart from the rest is a true grounded presence - the ability to let her relax into her feminine grace! The team agreed that a man with a calm and composed demeanour, even in the face of adversity, is more attractive. They are looking for a man who listens attentively, offers wise counsel when needed, and provides unwavering support; His ability to remain level-headed and rational in challenging situations allows him to be a reliable and trusted partner, friend, and confidant.

4. He Embraces His Innate Masculinity

In our *very sound and academic study* to uncover what women truly desire in a man, one resounding theme emerged: the importance of embracing innate masculinity. Women crave a partner who confidently embraces his masculine qualities without conforming to societal expectations. A real man understands that masculinity is diverse and personal. He celebrates his unique qualities and expresses them authentically. Whether it's displaying physical strength, taking charge in challenging situations, or embracing traditional roles, he does so in a way that feels true to himself.

5. He’s Hot

Some things really aren’t that deep…

Physical attraction was on the list for everyone but It extends beyond physical appearance; it's a captivating combination of qualities - like radiating confidence, taking care of himself, and having drive. The team collectively agreed that a man who does/has these things is more likely to be physically attractive as a result of his attitude and in @chakragirlco words… “that’s just hot”.

What do you think? What are women really looking for in a man and what does society have wrong about it?

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